Building broadband: Strategies and policies for the developing world

Title: Building broadband: Strategies and policies for the developing world
Authors: Yongsoo Kim, Tim Kelly, and Siddhartha Raja
Pages: 70 pp.
Publisher: Global Information and Communication Technologies (GICT) Department, World Bank
Date (published): 13/01/2010
Date (accessed): 14/01/2010
Type of information: research paper
Language: English
On-line access: yes (pdf)
This report distills for policymakers and regulators the various strategies, policies, and regulations that leading broadband markets have used to spur growth. The report bases its findings on a detailed case study of the experiences of the Republic of Korea and surveys of six other countries. Given developments in the broadband market involving networks, services, applications, and users, and the experiences of leading markets—especially Korea—this report proposes that broadband be reconceptualized as an ecosystem rather than just high-speed connectivity. Using the ecosystem concept, the report discusses the characteristics of broadband strategies and identifies policies that other countries might use. The report concludes with a set of building blocks that may help in developing the broadband ecosystems. The team invites comments and ideas from readers in response to this report.
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