The Claim: Wireless Technologies Help Alleviate Poverty in Indonesia

Title: The Claim: Wireless Technologies Help Alleviate Poverty in Indonesia
Authors: Susan Nickbarg
Source: BCLCL Blog
Date (published): 16/12/2010
Date (accessed): 22/04/2011
Type of information: blog post
Language: English
On-line access: yes (HTML)
"...The claim that wireless technology can improve people’s lives across the developing world in this alliance makes the phrase "all boats rise" a truism as people get lifted out of poverty. “What’s startling is that after 4 months, 47% of the people enrolled in the Village Phone Microfranchising initiative, (in which local entrepreneurs sell cell phone airtime to villagers), moved above the poverty line,” according to Cheri Mitchell, Director of Institutional Relations, Grameen Foundation.

Sad to say, poverty alleviation has been going on for decades.

Yet, here is a showcase of breakthrough innovation whereby Qualcomm, Incorporated, a NASDAQ-listed company in the business of developing and delivering innovative digital wireless technologies, and Grameen Foundation, a global nonprofit formed to help lift people out of poverty through microfinance and technology, partnered and scaled the Village Phone Microfranchising program with contributions from Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative...."

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