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Applying "Big Data" to Development: Revealing Initial Research Result

Title: Applying "Big Data" to Development: Revealing Initial Research Result
Source: Global Pulse
Date (published): 07/12/2011
Date (accessed): 08/12/2011
Type of information: blog post
Language: English
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"As Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon noted in a briefing about Global Pulse to the UN General Assembly last month: “The private sector is analyzing this new data to understand its customers in real-time. Much of this data contains signals that are relevant to development. We must use it to tell us what is happening, while it is happening.”

That is why, over the past 6 months, Global Pulse has teamed up with leading data-research companies and institutions Crimson Hexagon, Jana, PriceStats, SAS, and a consortium of French centers led by the Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France & IFRIS on a series of collaborative research projects testing the feasibility of adapting new tools and methods in real-time data collection and analytics for global development.

And today we are very pleased to publicly present the findings and methods from this initial series of experimental research. The five main projects included:
* Real-Time E-Pricing of Bread….
* Unemployment through the Lens of Social Media...
* Twitter and Perceptions of Crisis-Related Stress...
* Tracking the Food Crisis via Online News...
* A Global Snapshot of Well-being through Mobile Phones...

We embarked on these “proof of concept” projects with the hope that they may eventually help establish new methodological approaches for analyzing real-time data, identify tools which can provide a faster and clearer understanding of population behavior during periods of stress, and hopefully contribute to the development of new proxy indicators for real-time tracking of development..."

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